Saturday, April 6, 2013

spring break fun {planking}

so as you all know, i got to visit good ol' t-town for spring break. there was a lot going on. weddings, seeing family, seeing friends, dinner with grandparents, swimming, hanging, playing, fun.

probably the best day was our trip up to mount lemmon to play and hike. thanks to max {that's my sissy poo!} we started planking. if you don't know what that is, get out.

just kidding.

kind of.

it's basically laying in a horizontal fashion anywhere and everywhere you can. absolutely straight. it's hard sometimes. and here is our fun! {there's a lot, be warned}

clearly, planking is a family affair. everyone got in on it. it was silly, but we had a good time finding good spots! the winner of the best plank and spot: max!

did you ever get in on the planking craze?

plank fails to come. hehe

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