you might be wondering who i am. and you should. i'm tasmin. nice to meet you.

you should also wonder who else is involved with this holland madness, that would be the hubs, brock. brock and tasmin holland. that's us.

brock and  i were married in november of 2011. that was a pretty amazing day, let me tell you. we now live in the little city of fort smith, arkansas. brock is from the neighborhood and i'm a little desert rat from arizona learning to be a country girl. now that we get to be grown ups and run our lives, we are trying to do what we can to be the best that we can.

the first step we took to better ourselves and future little ones was to eat cleaner. we both come from families with amazing cooks who make delicious food. unfortunately, that delcious.amazing.wonderful food is not the best for us, so we decided to eat clean! that means avoiding processed foods and filling up on natural.whole.fresh goodness. it also means exercise and physical activity.

the second part of the journey is keeping a home. we love our house and we love that we have the ability to do whatever we want to it. i especially enjoy the fact that i have a garden {flowers and food!}. i never had that in the desert. we are learning all about DIYing and such, hoping to be unique and also constructive with things inside and outside of our home.

lastly, brock and i are creative folks. i tend to be creative in the physical sense, crafts, recipes, clothing, etc. while brock just has amazing unique ideas. i love him for it.

be looking for things like what you've seen here on this blog! we might also include adventures and other frivilous things that happen to be important in our lives.

thanks for visiting the hollands!


  1. HI Brock and Tasmin! Just found you now.... I don't remember from which blog (you know how that happens) but I am glad I stumbled upon this warm and happy place!

  2. Hi Tasmin, congrats on life, looks like you are doing well -Yahya

    1. Yahya! So good to hear from you! Thank you :)