Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a little push + thoughts on multitasking

life is nuts.

i don't really have much more to say about it. you have probably noticed in my recent posts how overwhelmed i am.

and when i am overwhelmed, i tend to shut down and not do any of those things on the ridiculously long list i have. it's a shame, but that's just my natural instinct.

thankfully, i am quite a lucky girl. see, i have this husband. he's probably too good for me. he pushes me to be better. he works hard all the time. he strives for growth and progress. and he treats my like a queen.

i tell him every day i want to quit life. mostly school, but life would be good, too. and he usually says, "me too" {he also hates school}. but monday when i was feeling particularly overwhelmed he gave me hug and told me:

don't multitask. just focus on one thing at time. 

and you know what? it worked! i love to multitask, i don't know why. maybe it helps me feel more productive? but really it just creates a little chaos in my brain. i accomplished quite a lot on monday and have been taking to heart those words. it really does help to just sit down and focus on one thing at a time.

don't move on until you finish.

do the most difficult things first.


and reward yourself after you have accomplished all those daunting tasks {like with blogging or a quick break!}.

thanks, brock!

old picture from our honeymoon | grand canyon, nov 2011


  1. Um. You are too young to already be saying "OLD picture from our honeymoon"

    1. Haha! Mom! It's a picture of me when I was younger (all pictures are of me when I was younger!). And in the technology world, shoot, a month is an old picture! Hehe.