Wednesday, April 10, 2013

planking fails and senioritis

i have senioritis. i want to drop out. i won't, though. i am one semester short of the pretty, signed document.

there's only four weeks left of school for this semester and  i feel like suddenly the clock has sped up into overdrive. there is so much to do, so many assignments i know will be coming up. not to mention finals. curse finals.

there are plenty of papers to write, online discussions, chapters to read, videos to make, presentations, you name it. oh yes, i must also find one more class to take next fall so that i can... graduate! and i need to apply for graduation, too. oh, bless.

dear people with the prospect of college in your future: college is great. if you are doing what you love. if you are just getting through to get the piece of paper at the end {like me in many ways}. i suggest a trade school. seriously, become a chef, or an artist, or a cosmetologist, or a mechanic. you might be happier.

dear people who have already graduated: do you not feel so relieved? honestly, do you feel like you benefited from the experience or do you feel like it was a waste of time?

ok, now i have ranted about my college experience and all the stress that is building up.

here are the plank fails i promised. hehe. these silly kids crack me up.. mostly max, as you can see. good times! {missing tucson + family}


  1. re: college
    Mom is very happy to see you have your degree. At the very least it is something you have tackled and accomplished that can make you just feel good on days that feel like you have done nothing. (I promise, you'll have a few of those in your life.) And, remember even without the document or the class stuff that you just had to regurgitate, you had experiences that WILL serve you. You learned to get along with people you didn't like very much - that is a SKILL that you will use over and over. Some people do NOT know how to do that, and they have a rough time with relationships. You also learned how to meet deadlines, how to balance several aspects of your life together (church, marriage, student, employee, blogger, etc. etc. etc.) and still make it all work. Another skill. (Just having more than one kiddo will make that totally necessary to have learned.) And then there is giving your mother a shred of peace of mind, if that counts for anything.
    Okay, speech over. Climbing off of soapbox.

  2. By the way, you should totally update your picture.

    And I didn't see any errors to fix! Gold star!