Tuesday, October 8, 2013

to be, or not to be... talented

a couple weeks ago, brock and i went to a talent show.

i call it that, but that is being very generous. i mean, there were some talented kids and folks, but overall, it was.... talentless. and it made me realize something: we, as a society connected in every form of the word, have become talentless. 

i don't mean completely, but just think. when you were a kid, talents shows were full of variety, skill, and... well, talent. now they are just filled with parents wanting to show off their kids, a few musical happy numbers [which are fine! but not remotely amazing], and sometimes just downright heartbreaking lack of talent. 

it's sad really. and it made me question myself. what talent have I really worked on developing lately? i don't think being a master pinner is a talent. and super speedy texter isn't either. how about instagram-o-maniac? nah? didn't think so...

i would like to say i have a talent for writing. [we will leave it at that and have no further discussion] so i feel like i am using and developing that. but i haven't drawn a solid picture in quite sometime, i haven't written a song since high school, and let's face it, my sewing skills are getting pushed to the side with the rest. 

i don't know what i'm good at anymore. and so i've decided to change that. 

a couple days after this so called talent show, i enrolled in an online html class [to help my blogging experience, not to stay connected]. i'm totally loving it and learning something new and useful is so exiting. the website i'm taking this class on has tons of other classes from art to music to blogging to marketing. they are pretty reasonably priced, too. i would recommend checking them out. checkout Skillshare here.

i've also decided to start two new art projects. one is for kitchens: i want to make some place-mats and cloth napkins for my kitchen. inspiration here.

the second project i can only tell you what kind it is, because I am making this for two someones who might stop by. they are paint projects combined with stenciling. when they are finished and given, i promise to share. i'm making one for my house, too.

so there you have it. three things i'm going to work on developing: computer skills, painting skills, and sewing skills. I plan to be through with all three projects by the end of the year, that's three months!  what talent are you going to work on?  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a small moment of bliss

everything makes me miss blogging. i get on instagram or twitter or pinterest and see all the bloggy people i follow and their beautiful pictures, or exciting adventures. and I just miss it.

fortunately, i have had some blessings from above this final semester of school. the lord knows the only reason i am even going to school is because i am heeding the voice of the prophet and getting my education. i don't care about international migration [worst class of my life], and i've taken enough ethics classes to last a life time. at least my 8am class has a super entertaining and energetic teacher. she makes that class utterly enjoyable. also my first eight week class is coming to an end and i have enjoyed that, too. we'll see if the next eight week class is the same.

because i don't want to be there and i'm only doing it because he says so, i think god has given me some extra blessings. 

1] i haven't been stressed at all over time... or not having it rather. so not me. in fact i think i cried the last two semester at some point because of stress.  and right now i feel freer than an american on the 4th of july.

2] along with the lack of stress comes a lack of needing a's. i've always been a {mostly} a student, for which i am proud. but no one looks at your grades after you have a fancy embossed paper at the end of college. they just care that you did it. c's get degrees, baby.

    so weird that i can even say that because it is not in my nature! but i said it. it is my mantra.

that being said, my complete lack of academic effort leaves me plenty of time to focus on my church responsibilities [which are demanding] and... maybe perhaps blogging again. no promises. but here i am. blogging, because i don't have that much homework and the homework i do have can easily be skimmed over later [one too many ethics classes means you know your stuff!].

what a breath of fresh air.

it feels so good to be sitting on my couch letting my fingers click-clack away. and not on a paper.

but i have to tell you one more thing. yesterday morning as i was contemplating all this and deciding i could possibly maybe perhaps post something again, i got a new twitter follower. 

i usually check out websites when i get followers before i commit to a long-term relationship. i was stunned. she was witty and charming and blunt and just what i needed. no holds bar, not filter, just get up and do and go and fight and write and win.

and now i'm blogging. thank you, new friend. [i followed her back]

i'm not promising i will be back every week, definitely not every day. but this is a start and i am so so so so extremely happy to be back in my bubble.

   i feel like i have so much to tell you! i've been gone so long. it will have to come in pieces.