Friday, April 19, 2013

foliophoto {link-up} bright

i was almost going to skip this week of foliophoto-ing.

i had no inspiration for the prompt: bright.

but this morning while i was eating breakfast i saw this image and i couldn't resist. i know you have probably been bombarded with images, thoughts, and prayers that go to boston and victims and their families, but i'm adding mine anyways. it's such a tragedy, but things like this continue to bring us all closer to one another, appreciate our loved ones, and come out a little stronger.

i have never been to boston. i don't know what it's like there. but this mug came from some friends who were there recently. i know a family who lives near there. and i found out this morning that my mom spent the first few years of her life a mile away from the explosion. it's a small world, and somehow we are all connected.

i add my prayers to so many of yours.

there is hope for boston.

 camera: iphone | filter: amaro via instagram

next week's prompt: smile

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