Monday, July 15, 2013

the details: part 2

i hope you all took some time over the past 10 days to really think about the small things in your life. it's those little things that really get us. at least for me.

i promised a recap, so here are some of the things I shared via twitter this week: 

ice cold water. *glug glug glug aahhh* 

the sound of brock's heartbeat when i lay on his chest.

little sun kisses all over your skin. warm. comforting. relaxing.

that first salt and vinegar chip that makes your cheeks suck in and jaw tense up. 

to see others i tweeted about, check out my twitter! or you can see some things that i noticed with camera in hand on my instagram

i have to be honest, i really paid a lot more attention. i appreciated more, thought more, and smiled more. and i am a lot more grateful for those simple things in my life that we sometimes skip over and miss. don't miss those things! soak them up! talk about them.

cherish them.

what little things have you noticed lately? 

for the details on the details, check out part one.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

watermelon salsa

if you have been following my instagram, you know what's coming!

that's right my friends, watermelon salsa. does anyone else crave fruit like crazy when the sun is blazing? i love it. watermelon. mango. strawberry. pineapple. you name it, i'll eat it!

fruit salsas are definitely one of my favorite ways to go. they are just so fresh and delicious. it's probably that zingy lime!

my daddy always made mango salsa for cinco de mayo and i loved it! i had never tried any other fruit salsa... until now! on the 4th of july, brock and i were enjoying a fabulous, good-home-cookin kind of breakfast with his parents and grandparents while rachael ray shared her watermelon palooza show with us! there were some genius things i had never thought of before... like watermelon ice cubes {duh! they don't melt and water down your drink, and you can eat them after}! or watermelon popcicles {another duh! put it on a stick and freeze it, baby!}. but the best was the salsa.

so i immediately went out and bought a watermelon!... two days later after all the fun and fireworks. and of course, like with any other recipe, i did a little tweeking. so here's the original from ray ray complete with a video. or you can just take my word for it and try it out yourself. you will swoon.

watermelon salsa

3 cups of watermelon in tiny little cubes
1/2 of a cucumber, peeled, seeded and also in tiny little cubes
2-3 jalapenos seeded and chopped teeny, teeny, tiny
1/4 of a red onion, chopped
a small handful each of fresh cilantro and mint, chopped*
zest and juice of 2 limes

combine all ingredients in a bowl.

definitely do what rachael ray says and salt right before serving! salt makes food extract liquid and will bring out a lot in those little watermelon pieces. so don't do it ahead of time.

serve with tortilla chips, or with some meeeat! {we had ours with steak and it. was. good.}
it's super delicious with totino's tortilla chips with a hint of lime!

*i say handful because it is hard to measure herbs, so just eyeball it, but try to keep them equal.

now go buy a watermelon!
brock and i seriously ate the whole bowl. good thing it's all fruit and healthy stuff, i didn't feel quite so guilty!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

the details

life is crazy. everyone's life is crazy. we run from here to there all day long. we all have a million and one things to do, and we all try and squeeze in one more. that's the facts. 

don't feel special if you life is especially busy, because guess what? you're not any busier than anyone else.

oh, i had to blah blah blah, and i barely had time to cook dinner! 

you poor thing. me, too. 

we all work hard, we all run crazy, we all want to be better at something but lack the time, and we all wish for two extra hours in a day. it's nothing new. 

the solution is to simplify. anyone have any ideas on how to do that? because i'm at a loss. maybe someday i will have that figured out, but today is not that day.

in the meantime, i have something that might just help. 

there are things in our life that make the world go round, make us tick, make life life. the little details that surround us every day. things we miss amidst all our crazy busyness. things that make us human!

things like the soft, thick, warm touch of a beautiful day lily.

so here's the challenge: for the next ten days, let's blow up instagram and twitter with those simple things. think of your senses. what do you see? what do you feel? what do you hear? what do you taste? what do you smell? 

or maybe it's an abstract thing like pride for your country, or peace. 

hashtags are our friends, so let's use one to keep us all together! i will do a recap on monday, the 15th of some of the wonderful simple details you notice in your life!


you can find me on twitter and instagram and follow along, tag me, or just share your details! [at]tasminskye i can't wait to hear all of those wonderful things that take place in your life!