Friday, March 8, 2013

pixie reveal: why short is better than long

happy weekend! it's friday and tomorrow is going to be crazy. lots to do, but this week has been pretty good so far!

monday was the best day, my class was canceled so i decided to go get that haircut i've been wanting forever. remember that? well it's time to show you!

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen, but if not, let's see what the before shots looked like, shall we?

 aaaaand now! for the final product!

i gotta say, i basically love it. i feel spunkier. and freer. and a little bit less busy in the mornings. no?

so you might be wondering why i decided to cut it. here are the reasons i think short hair is better than long:

  • no long hair all over by bathroom floor, flannel pillow case, in my food, or hardwood floors. {yeah i shed like a dog, what?}
  • more time in the morning. a quick blow dry and some product and bam! five minutes.
  • no hair heating up my neck when it's getting warm, no problem if i forgot my hairtie
  • no having to scrounge for hairties, clips, headbands and other annoying tools to tie my hair back when working out.
  • i feel like tinkerbell.

so are you a long or short hair kind of person? i used to be long, but once you hack it, you don't back to it. {see what i did there! ...wink...}

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