Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i'm coming home

i leave in two days.

brock and i are driving three hours to an airport. to then take a three hour flight. to then drive another hour and half until i will finally be home with my family.

it will be so worth it!

i miss my family to pieces! of course, it won't be complete. my brother is serving a mission for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints right now and won't be there. but i know he's doing important stuff so i will let it slide this time.

it just so happens {totally planned!} that my cousin/b.f.f. since b.l.o.e. {before life on earth} is getting married! i'm so glad to be there for her and share in the best day of her life.

i also have a very important date with the local eegee's. if you don't know what i'm talking about, go to tucson. then go to eegee's. then call me. {best slushy ever created. pina colada, here i come!}

we will also be venturing to my beautiful tucson mountians. arkansas is quite hilly. i miss mountains. that was inevitable, i knew that coming, out here. but what the heck? i miss other stuff, too. not dirt, not cactus, but i guess, as a whole, i do miss the desert. can't believe i said that. i miss adobes. tehehe. that just makes me giggle inside that i actually miss them.

i've created a little show of things that remind of tucson and my desert home.

sabino canyon. been there. love it. i love hiking!

la placita village: i always thought the freakin bright colors of downtown office buildings were ridiculous. but now... they just look so cute and inviting. right?

photo credit: carol woolverton

this is a sunset at sabino canyon. there is nothing like an arizona sunset! i will have to finagle my daddy into sending me some of his shots. they are gorgeous. i will share them if i can convince him.

desert rainbow pottery: i have always loved the navajo pots. there's a little hallway in the mall that is all about stuff like this: western art, cowboy hats, rugs, ponchos, cactus pots, and so much more. i've always loved it.

now you have a taste of my home. i can't wait to be there!


  1. Cold eegee's.
    Warm heart.
    One. More. Day.

  2. Um... Doll face?
    We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER - day Saints.

  3. I love that pot!! I really want one!

    Have a wonderful time at home :)

    1. Aren't they great? I love them, too. And I sure did have a fabulous time! Needed some good family time. Thanks for stopping by!