Wednesday, March 27, 2013

foliophoto {link-up} memories

it's a foliophoto day!

i hope you have been keeping up! if not, my last two contributions can be found here and here.

this week's prompt, memories, was pretty open to a lot of options. i chose something not so long ago, because it is one of my favorites.

camera: iphone3 | filter: orton via picmonkey

brock and i love love love camping. this was on our first trip camping just us two. i love camping with my family, and brock and i have been with some friends. but it was so great to go last fall, just us. we  drove up the mountain through all the fall-colored trees. we worked together to set up camp {in the dark}. we built a nice cozy fire and roast marshmallows. side-note: we wrapped them in a crescent roll sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and i loooved it. end side-note. and then we spent several hours just talking.

before the sun came up, we woke up and hiked to the edge of the site.mountain to watch the sunrise!

and then this picture took place. we drove down to the lake after a breakfast of fresh fruit and nuts and granola bars. and then we just took pictures. and this was my favorite. in case you can't tell, i took a sneak shot of brock taking photos.

next week is twins. oh buddy... i'm gonna have to get creative. 


  1. Oh I love this! I give you a lot of credit - Ian and I aren't really campers...we wish we were but it's just not our ideal. Maybe we should try it though...

    1. I'm a big fan. My mom thinks camping should be in a hotel. It's just not everyone's cup of tea! If you don't like sleeping in the wilderness, you should at least go out and build a fire and cozy up for the evening. Then you can go back to sleep in your own bed ;)

  2. love the way the light is streaming around your husband. it is so intimate, & distant at the same time. really am enjoying this series. & twins next week! really thinking hard on that one! xo

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! Everyone once in a while, I am blessed with amazing lighting when I have my camera on me! And yesss... twins... still racking my brain! :)