Friday, February 8, 2013

pixie haircuts {can't decide}

happy friday out there.

while you're filling your weekend with chores, errands, maybe advendtures and visiting friends. you might trapped in a blizzard {be safe!} or sitting on your beach {i hate you}. in the midst of that, will you give some advice?

i can't quite decide. i want to cut my hair again, but which way? or are they all the same? here is me: you have my first pixie cut and what it looks like now {well, it's a little longer now, but you get the idea}.

ok, now you have an idea.... which one should i go for???

i absolutely love the side-burn look on anne {do you even call it that on women?} and i love the short bangs. can i pull that off? i just don't know. i like the highlights in number three. makes it summery. and emma is just gorgeous. she looks good in all hairstyles so i had to include her.

thoughts please?
and then you can get back to your weekend.