Monday, February 25, 2013

the pinterest challenge

today is a special day. it's a monday.

but it's also the day i begin my pinterest challenge. if there is one thing that helps me justify my 2,500+ pins and 600+ likes, its that i actually go back and do those things i pin. not all 2,500, don't get me wrong, i have done plenty of repinning and never gave them a second thought. but today is a new day and i am going to try several new pins. thanks to this lovely gal and her sisters, i give you:

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

the rule of this game is to pick 6 pins and work on them over the next 6 weeks. then i will report of my progress! don't judge me for picking simple ones, i'm a student. school is hard. give me a break. the fact that i use pinterest for the greater good of my family and home is an accomplishment!

so here are the six i picked:

one: i have been wanting to try this forever. natural hair color enhancing with natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen. there's a recipe for blonds, reds, and me's {or brunette}. i know one day when i am preggers i won't be able to dye my hair {chemicals, ya know?... yeah, not pregnant yet, don't go getting ideas}. i'm trying it now because my hair is its natural color at this moment, so i will be taking this opportunity.

two: do these pizza stuffed chicken breasts not look delicious?! i am completely in love with chicken rolls of all kinds and these just look amazing! not too mention that this site is amazing for health lovers. all of her recipes come with the nutritional facts, too. super helpful!

three: well, as you know from my pinterest promise, i am trying to de-clutter. this handy helper of a pinterest clean up is perfect! it helps you find the original picture of things you pinned that may be marked as spam, just bring up a picture, or are broken links. this one may take me awhile... just sayin.

four: i love this girl's blog! all about fashion. she is currently doing a series on how to start your wardrobe from scratch. this is actually the second step, so i guess i will be doing the first one, too. this second step is picking a color palette for you closet so when you go shopping, if you stick with your palette, anything you buy will match everything else. genius right?! why did i never think of that?

five: i love this simple antique button necklace. and i have a handful of buttons just like that! I love statement necklaces and don't have any. dumb. so i will make one!

six: this is a tutorial on how to pack like a ninja. i am going home for spring break in 17 days {not counting. miss my mama} and i will only be taking a carry-on. i. need. this.

and there you have it! wow... only one recipe. weird. recipes are the pins i use the most often. but i guess this challenge is helping me get out of my bubble. if you want to join or do your own, please go to the original post and add the button to your post. happy pin-doing!

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