Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love the husband

i just wanted to say thanks to all of you, through texts and comments, on your hair advice. unfortunately, each one got about the same amount of votes! haha. it made me laugh. i still haven't worked myself into cutting yet, but it will either be monday, or neeeext monday.

that aside, i just want to let the world know that i have the greatest husband ever. don't be jealous.

we don't have a dishwasher, so we do dishes every night after dinner. last night, i was feeling especially drained and also had a killer headache.

sweet brock hopped in the shower super fast {we had just worked out before dinner}, while i was doing dishes, and then forcefully took over the massive pile - we hadn't done dishes all weekend - so i could take a relaxing bath. he knew what i needed before i even knew i needed it. and he made sure everything was cleaned and ready for me to just hop right in bed after my bath.

he is so thoughtful. i just adore him.

i really am not a fan of valentines, but i decided to do something this year. i can't wait to share it {it has to wait, in case brock reads this}. i have always been anti, but i think now that i'm an avid blog reader, i'm getting the bug. it's weird. i don't really like this feeling, but i am succumbing to it. don't tell anyone.

what are your plans for love day?


  1. Replies
    1. No, not this time. I didn't have time for that. Maybe another year {or randomly some other time}. Tehe