Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a pinterest promise

i am making a pact right now. this is my pinterest promise because i am getting slightly out of hand and it's taking up more time than i really need it to.

i'm doing it on this here blog so that it is public, official, and i am held accountable by the world.

i, tasmin, vow to only repin pins that i have verified {meaning i have been to the site, know they work and are from the direct link}, and that i adore. i vow to not pin pins that are unrealistic to my life unless they inspire me to create a better realistic life {realistically}.

i also vow to not repin anything else until i have organized the pins i now have and have pinned all of my likes to their appropriate boards.

the end.

to check out why i am making this vow, click here.
for more pinning tips, click here.
if you want to clean up your pinboards, too, click on this one. very helpful.

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