Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sad + happy

it's been a crazy week... and it's only tuesday. i spent today getting official college stamps, signatures, recommendations, and transcripts ready to send in for a scholarship {xx fingers crossed xx}. i don't want to be in school. is that bad? i find the entire school system utterly and completely ridiculous. mostly because professors fill our minds with information that we hold onto long enough to barf up onto an exam. we are required to take so many courses that have nothing to do with what we want to do, and if you find one you do want to do, there's an infinite list of prerequisite classes you must take. if we could all learn what we wanted to learn at our own pace and through methods that don't test what we think possibly remember but really only know how to regurgitate, we might actually have harder workers, dream chasers, and a happy successful environment to enter after college.

this is what i enjoy. can i take a class on better design? networking? photography for simple cameras? html? maybe even an advanced sewing class? psssh. no tasmin, you silly girl. you don't have the prerequisites for half of those and the other half are fake. i guess i'll google it.

in the meantime, i will share some happy things with you! here are a couple blog posts i especially enjoyed today.

foliophoto: collection {bedsidesign}
nesting: mismatched cloth napkins {a beautiful mess}

and just a couple of blogs that i enjoy, too.

stories of kel
we took the road less traveled
sunny with a chance of sprinkles

more upcoming happiness includes a recipe for my my home-made, gluten free crackers that are legit and that valentine's project i promised i'd share {it's totally not exclusive to valentines}.


  1. You might check your links, dearie. The Nesting one goes to foliophoto too. :) And I know how insane college bureaucracy can be - I hated it. But it'll be over one day and then you still don't know the thing you want to...! lol

    1. Thanks! All fixed now! Haha, yeah, that is the truth! How is the new job prospect??

  2. Hey I like the new look!
    Got my editor hat on...signiatures in the second line. How did that NOT auto-correct?! Perhaps more than just the one cracker at the end?

    And you know, homeschool mom that I was... I'm totally with you on the school issues, but I'm still proud of you two for getting those degrees... Because ya still might need it. And it may not necessarily be a GOOD experience, but you are still learning from the process. If nothing else, you are perfecting the necessary art if endurance!!!