Thursday, February 27, 2014

some things to make you smile

life has been a little hectic this week. i usually have time at work, after working my little butt off, then having some down time, to write a post, or read some blogs, or sort through my stupid cluttered pinterest account. i'm lucky to have a wonderful boss who knows i'm a hard worker, but let's me do my own thing when i have caught up with the embroidery machines. however, this week has been go go go at work and i haven't had any downtime. at all.

i'm not complaining, it just means the things i do in my down time haven't been done. that's life, right? my brain has had plenty of time to think though, so the ideas are a-coming. and with that i will give you something to look forward to:

bcb // social media and networking

later on the blog of babiness:
mama must-haves
advice from amazing mamas that i will take to heart
a little lady update

and here are some things that have helped inspire me, or gave me some relax time when i came home exhausted and didn't want to do a single thing [but read blogs]:

an inspiring message from one of my favorite bloggers about changing dreams, paths, and focus.

some helpful ideas on creating a community of like-minded folks in real life [not online].

and a recipe for us gluten free people who miss toast with breakfast.

happy thursday friends! i'm going to go finish making soft pretzels for institute tonight.

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