Tuesday, February 11, 2014

it's a ... {little holland gender reveal!}

you have a 50% chance of guessing it right. if you want to guess, but i'm about to tell you anyway, so you can't guess anymore. sorry!

little holland is a little lady! and we are stoked! i mean, we would have been stoked with a boy, too. but we are just so excited for this lovely little bundle of pink and lace to come to our family!

to be honest, brock and i already knew. we both have just had a feeling since the beginning. for the past couple of weeks we have even been calling her a her. [and then of course anyone around would go her?! like... you know?? and we would have to say, just a hunch, don't know yet] 

the ultrasound was probably the coolest thing of the week. i have seen [or at least remember] three other little ones that way, my little brothers and sister. but brock has never seen one and he was totally amazed. and of course, it was different for me seeing that little one inside of me, and not my soon to be sibling. needless to say, we are totally and completely in love with the little lady.

now if you had asked me a year ago which i would have preferred, i would have answered before you finished your question with a resounding, boy. period. i would take 5 little boys and be happily in a drama-free heaven. i can't say what changed my mind. but for the last little while, i have slowly been starting to want little girls. maybe the lord knew what was coming and he started reminding me of little things that I would love about having a daughter.

like that we could be super duper compadres like me and my mama. 
like all the frills and fuss and cute and junk that i am literally about to go haywire over.
like brock is gonna be freakin adorable with a little girl in his arms and she will have him wrapped ridiculously tight around her teeny little finger. 
like pink.
like emotions are just life, and it would be ok to have someone with as much ridiculous emotion as me in the house.
like, what? first time since i was 2 that girls would outnumber boys in my house. 
like girl's night.
like my mama and brock's mama are going crazy right now.
and like all my girls that i love at church that could totally be my daughters if we weren't close enough age to be sisters.
or like my little sister, who i dearly miss and adore.

i guess it really doesn't matter what changed my mind. little miss sassy panties is already coming [i already know that's what she is, she has me for a mama]. and i couldn't be happier

so. now you know and we know. fill me up with tips about raising girls! ready. set. go.


  1. Tasmin! Congratulations!! We love all the pink that we have around here. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. You will truly enjoy having a girl first. Yay!!!

    1. Eeek, the pink is my favorite part! Ok not really, but this girl is gonna be pretty frilly! And thank you :))