Friday, January 10, 2014

not your average fresh start

i'm sure by now, you have all read about a dozen resolution, welcome 2014 blog posts, but i find it necessary to add mine because it's a huge huge part of my life like no year ever has been before.

last month, brock and i both graduated. yes. brock now has his master's in operations management and i have a bachelor's in organizational leadership. we have both sworn [and sealed it with our blood] that we are never going back.

the day after graduation, we took off to georgia to visit my grandparents who hadn't met brock yet. after we got back, we had three full days of work and then his brother and our new sister-in-law flew in for the holidays. small blessings of brock working for the education system and my sweet boss, we had two weeks off to spend with the fam.

that being said, the full magnitude of the freedom didn't hit me until saturday.  

holy mother of pearl, freedom is sweet. 

no longer am I rushing from work to class to church, and squeezing study time in where ever there is room. my nights aren't filled with assignments and that paper isn't looming in the back of my mind every second of the day. it's amazing how much time school actually sucked out of our lives. 

when it finally hit us saturday, we decided it was time to evaluate our lives and decide how we want to use all that precious time. our biggest priorities are of course, little holland and figuring out the next phase of life. so i'll share with you the biggest part of our goals and plans. 

make room for little holland// because we are more project oriented than anything else, we've decided we're moving the study to the living room. we never go in the living room because there's not a table or desk to work at. the study only has one desk and so it separates us. and that makes my kitchen table always full of our projects and no room to eat. so the big plan, that is still in brainstorm mode, is to make some wall desks in the living room and bring our projects to the living space. the study is going to become the nursery, which solves another problem... I can keep my craft/storage room that i was going to have to clean out. win/win/win. 

improve ourselves// brock is working really hard at redeveloping those skills he neglected during school, like working on his chinese, honing his creativity, and just getting himself out there. i'm honestly really impressed with all he is doing to just be the best person he can!
i, on the other hand, am getting ready to leave my job. at least, i will when it gets closer to baby time, so my focus is on other things. like this blog. and my other blog project, mail it forward. i'm also working on some skills of my own, like learning html coding, and actually studying the scriptures daily (i gave that up last semester...what a fool). i'm also pulling out my mom hat and getting crafty, decorating the house, and cleaning up all the messes we ignored for a whole semester. over all, we are filling our time with productive things and sticking to my mantra ^^^

get healthy// yeah. yeah. every new year starts this way and everyone does it, but i have a good reason. i'm growing a little person! as of monday, we are back to working out [tough! i'm so stiff!] and we have sworn off of eating out except maaaaaybe twice a month. and being good when we do... that doesn't mean we won't enjoy some good unhealthy food! but we are going to be better because i'm tired of feeling like poop.  

give more to the lord// if you don't know already, we're pretty religious. we have been pretty dedicated all our lives, but it still doesn't feel like we're giving all we can. like me skipping out on reading my scripture. oh, I am so ashamed. we have put that at the top of our daily schedule! we have also decided we are going to have family home evening. i always wanted to, but what can you do with two people who are always together anyway? brock had the great idea of doing family history. so that is our monday nights. and along with that, we have a goal to make it to the temple three times before little holland comes. whoooo! it makes me happy. [if you are slightly, or even completely, lost on this one, click here to get a glimpse at our beliefs]

as you can see, we have a lot to do, but the good news is, we want to do it! it makes such a difference when desire and drive are pushing your forward.

i wish you all the best with your own new year's plans and endeavors. my other mantra is keep on keepin on. ...wink...

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