Tuesday, January 7, 2014

introducing... baby holland!

oh my, oh my. let me just start by saying that it is very hard to have a blog and keep secrets. i didn't put up a blog post so many times because part of it was going to spoil the news. ah!

i'm going to have a baby! there. i said it! it's out. whew!

some of you may already know from facebook or just from me, but i felt that it was time to tell the rest of you. brock and i honestly couldn't be more happy! 

special thanks to my lovely cousin, emily for taking these photos!

i know you all want to know the deats, so let me get out the basics and you will have to wait for the stories in future posts.

baby is due june 22.
i won't make you do the math, i'm 16 weeks along.
yes, we will find out if it's a boy or girl. brock and i plan too much not to (and i have to know what to buy!).
we can find out in three weeks! eek! i might make you wait a few days, though...wink...
we have decided to go the midwife route and i promise an excellent post about this later.  
don't be a hater, i had morning sickness for about a week with no puking and have been feeling good about 92% of the time since then. 
brock has already been amazing. i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and i can't wait to watch him become a father. 

so there you have it friends. get ready for lots of baby and pregnancy posts in the future because that's what you are going to get! with other stuff, of course. more on that thursday. xo

special thanks to my lovely cousin, emily for taking these photos!

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