Wednesday, May 7, 2014

little lady has a name

i know in the last update, i told you i wasn't going to share for fear of jinxes, but i think it is time. mainly because the only thing that will change our little lady's name at this point is divine intervention and i'm pretty certain he liked the name, too.

so are you ready to hear it??

i can't hear you!

paislee renae

boom. what do you think? [pst. only tell me if it's good. hehe]

let me tell you how we came up with this. we have been trying since we knew she was a she to find a name. we tried family names after my mama and after brock's, but nothing stuck. brock mostly hemmed and hawed over everything and i like all of it. frustration.

on our little babymoon we took to texas, we had plenty of time in the car to discuss. but we didn't even really discuss a lot. as we listened to the radio, eric pasley's name scrolled across the screen. my mind read paisley. [long a, short a, if you didn't know, paisley is not how you pronounce his name.]

i said it out loud and brock actually liked it. we asked little lady and she kicked me. ok... she was already wiggling, but whatever. it wasn't until the radio announcer came on that i realized i didn't even say his name right. which just goes to show that this little one wants her own name. not a family name, not a country singer's name. she is just pretty unique already.

we called her paislee the whole babymoon and it just felt right. another week passed and we were still calling her paislee. that was a gooooood sign. all other names lasted mere days.

as for renae. well. i really like rae for a middle name. it fit with all the other potentials, but with every one of those names, brock couldn't say rae after anything without sounding like a redneck. sorry. i couldn't have it. so it grew into renae.

and now our little lady is paislee renae holland. doh! i can't wait to meet her.

6 weeks and counting, guys.


  1. Why not Bernelda, La Vicka, or Verla? Is she gonna be a paislee (paisley) tie?

    1. Hehe, those are good suggestions, Grampa! I will have to remember those for the next one ;)