Wednesday, March 5, 2014

mama advice i will take to heart

when people know you are pregnant, everyone is suddenly entitled to give you all the advice they have. some is more useful than others. hehe. not complaining, just stating a fact here. amidst all the advice i have received from amazing mamas, there is some i will probably ignore, some that doesn't quite fit us, some that's fairly good but generally common sense to me, and some that i just want to remember, take to heart, and actually apply. oh, and share with you, too. i can't remember what came from whom, so if your advice ends up on here... just say thanks... or your welcome. it's a lot to sort through, you realize!

sleep when baby sleeps // yeah, i've heard that a million times, but for real, i will be doing this, so don't call or text unless i contact your first.

your labor is all up to you and baby, don't let anyone tell you what to do // that's all i need to say.

don't be afraid to say no to visitors // sorry friends, but i think i have decided the first two days are family only days. at least that's where i stand now. ask me again later. it may be 4 or 5 then... wink... don't be sad if i am just too tired for people. you will have plenty of chances to see the little lady. promise. shewillbeallovermyinstagram.

don't tiptoe around her when she is sleeping. make noise or she will never know how to sleep without the silence // nuff said.

when she wakes up, feed her. then burp her. then play with her. when she gets fussy, lay her down and let her put herself to sleep. don't wake her. when she is hungry, she'll wake up. repeat. // obviously this was a much more in depth conversation based on a book and 2 tested children of said parent, but that's the long and short of it, and we're doing it.

enjoy her while she's a baby. she won't be a baby long // said the gramma with sassy grandbabies that she adores.

if you don't show up to church for a month, no one will judge you. // i actually really appreciate that one. not that i don't want to be there. i just have nightmares of being bombarded. or sick little hands all over my baby.  or just trying to figure out how to juggle her while at church. oh and young men chilling in the mother's room... meh. we will see how long i decide to wait. just no judging.

thank you mama's for helping a new mama out. and if you have anymore, i'm not turning down helpful advice. this little lady is coming sooner than i think and i'm soaking up as much as i can get! 15.5 weeks left, folks. and that's if she isn't early.


  1. Hey Tasmin! First, congrats!!! Second, if you don't know who I am, my family and I used to be in the Alma ward. Oh, maybe that should have been first;-)

    Just thought I'd throw my two sense in for ya, lol. The returning to church thing, yeah that was a big fear for me too. Very loving and well meaning people like to touch new babies. And then there are the little ones with all their germies. Stay away as long as YOU and Brock feel you should, but when you go back, it helps to have a Moby Wrap or some other type of carrier. Hands and faces are much less likely to get near baby when baby is so wrapped up against mom's chest;-) Just thought that might be helpful to you. Plus the whole baby wearing thing, it's pretty awesome and babies usually love it. Good luck!

    1. Kacey! I do remember who you are!

      And thank you so much for your comment. It's always nice to have someone on my side. Then I don't feel like I'm being selfish or grouchy when I really just want to keep by baby to myself for a bit before releasing her to the hounds! ***no offense everyone, I am "a hound" too sometimes, it happens***