Wednesday, August 14, 2013

news, but is it really news?

have you guys noticed i've been a little m.i.a. lately??

let me just start by saying firstly, that i am sorry. summer has been one hectic bowl of crazy topped with a generous serving of new.

i started a new job. i got a new sister-in-law. brock and i have new goals. and most of all, i have new priorities.

i started out the summer with a few goals if you remember. i wish i didn't have to say this, but i'm all about honesty. guys, i failed. ok, not really, but i was only 33% successful. ok, i failed. that's a big fat f on the grade book of life. i launched my new website (haven't done much since) and i was productive. like really productive. just with so many other things that weren't blogging.

i'm breaking my own heart, here, folks.

school starts monday. i'm not excited, but after monday, only 16 weeks until complete freedom knocks at my door.

and so for those 16 weeks (maybe a couple more), i have decided to take an indefinite blogging break. not happy at all. but i have other priorities that need my attention right now. i have to quit kidding myself and overloading my life with everything i want to do because i want to do too many things.

i will still post pictures on instagram and probably still stick a tweet in now and then. i will be back. right here. later. not now. i will miss you, little blog of mine. and i will miss you friends.

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