Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the next phase

well dear friends, it's been too long. do i start every post this way or what? i feel like a lamo mostly because I love blogging and it's one of those things that I just want to do! like all the time! so why don't i just do it?

well i'm going to. school is over for the semester which means i have time to form a habit now. blogging is one of those habits i want to form.

with one semester left of school, its about time i get my butt in gear and start doing what i want to do! right? here's a list of some summer goals i have as a new start to what i'm calling the next phase of my life:

1. blog 2-3 times every week
2. create a series on the blog
3. publicly launch mail it forward
   {did that peak your interest?? more on that very soon!}
4. simplify my life by simplifying my home//belongings
5. be productive
6. tan

ok so that last one may seem silly, but for real, i always come out of summer just as white as I was in the winter. no more, i say! so there. this is just a short list, but these things are really important to me!

what are some summer goals that you have? 
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  1. My summer goals are to 1) finish my wedding announcements, wedding website, and other wedding preparations; 2) learn to program apple mobile devices with objective-c; 3) develop a habit of working-out and look awesome for my wedding; 4) develop a habit of reading for entertainment and general self-education; 5) rest and balance my life enough to be ready for my last year of university.

    1. Those are excellent goals! They kind of make mine look pretty pathetic. Thanks for that. Hehe. I can't wait for your wedding! It's going to be so beautiful and wonderful! Just remember to soak all of this in because it will go by quick!